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About us

Abay Minch Lodge Hotel, Ethiopia Located in the heart of Bahir Dar is a beautiful and peaceful hotel in Ethiopia offering wonderful guest accommodation. The name Abay Minch is derived from the Amharic synonym for the great African river, the Blue Nile. Abay, which transcends the north-western terrain of the country, has been affixed with the psyche of Ethiopians ever since the biblical days. Truly, Abay has been uniquely integrated with the historical, social and cultural lives of the people. As a result, we felt honoured and obliged to name our lodge after such significant natural wonder of the country. From Aba Minch you can visit wonderful historical places in Ethiopia and even take in the beautiful wildlife of Ethiopia.

Abay Minch Lodge is located in Bahir Dar, a beautiful lake city in the north-western part of Ethiopia. Bahir Dar is one of the leading tourist destinations in Ethiopia, with a variety of attractions in the nearby Lake Tana and Blue Nile River. The city is also known for its clean and wide avenues lined with palm trees and a variety of colourful flowers. In 2002, it was awarded the UNESCO Cities for Peace Prize for addressing the challenges of rapid urbanization. As a Bahir Dar hotel Ethiopia, Abay Minch Lodge offers rooms with 24 hour room service, free wifi and express laundry to name a few excellent services we have to offer.

The lodge and hotel in Ethiopia, which is built around tropical vegetation, is filled with a variety of trees including Papaya, Mango, Avocado, Lemon, Coffee and many others. The location of each ensuite is carefully chosen to get the best views over the vegetation and ensuring cool, tranquil and hushed environment. No better place to simply unwind or go out for an easy stroll around the vegetation.

The excellent standards and unrivalled space of our guest accommodation in Ethiopia are equally matched by the attention bestowed on each and every one of our patrons by the members of our staff. Our staff are carefully selected for their dedication to personal service and a genuine, heartfelt friendliness. This ensures that all our guests enjoy an extraordinary and unparalleled level of true Ethiopian hospitality.

Nearby Attractions

  • Lake Tana
    Lake Tana, the largest lake in Ethiopia, situated north of the beautiful town of Bahir Dar is the source from where the famous Blue Nile starts its long journey to Khartoum, and on to the Mediterranean.
    The 37 islands that are scattered about the surface of the lake, some 20 of these shelter churches and monasteries of immense historical and cultural interest; decorated with beautiful paintings and housing innumerable treasures.
    A boat trip on lake Tana is one of the most pleasant excursions for visitors. Those island and peninsulas of Lake Tana are most conveniently approached by boat arranged by Abay Minch Lodge.
    Along the lakeshore bird life, both local and migratory visitors, make the site an ideal place for birdwatchers.
  • The Blue Nile
    Appropriately enough, the Blue Nile river flows out of the lake with tremendous force and volume over the basalt shoulder of a giant cataract and onwards from there, ever downwards through dark and angry defiles, towards the deserts of the Sudan, on its way to enrich Egypt’s fertile delta.
    The power of the Blue Nile may best be appreciated just thirty kilometers downstream from the point where the river first leaves Lake Tana. There, a rumble of sound fills the air and the green fields and low hills on either bank tremble to the Blue Nile Falls. It is one of the most dramatic spectacles on either the White or Blue Niles, a vision of natural strength and grandeur.
    Four hundred meters wide in flood, the Blue Nile plunges forty-five meters down a sheer chasm to throw up a continuous mist that drenches the countryside up to a kilometer away.
  • Debre Damo Monastery
    Debre Damo Monastery
    Damo is unique and unforgettable although, as with most Ethiopian monasteries, women are not allowed to enter it. Even so, there is a daunting obstacle to the monastery: the only means of access is a climb of twenty-five meters up a sheer cliff. Monks lower a safety rope, which visitors tie around their waists. Then they use a second, thicker rope to climb with. Some may reflect, as they make their way to the top, that because of this arduous, dangerous ascent the art treasures of Debra Damo have remained intact through the monastery’s 1,400 tumultuous years of history.
  • Simien Mountains
    The Simien Mountains National Park includes one of the most dramatic mountain landscapes in Africa, and is home to some of the continent's rarest fauna and flora, including the endemic Walia ibex, Simien fox and Gelada baboon. The Park was one of the first four sites to be inscribed on the World Heritage List in 1978, but has been on the List of World Heritage in Danger since 1996 because of a decline in the population of the Walia ibex due to human settlement, grazing, agriculture and road construction. The ibex population is now on the increase but the Ethiopian wolf remains extremely rare.